FAQ & Answers:

Quest Towing Services is a customer oriented third party administrator dispatching roadside, secondary and accident claims for numerous insurance companies, warranty groups, fleet companies and motor clubs.

We are not an insurance company, warranty group, fleet company, motor club or tow/roadside company; we are a software development company with twenty years of call center knowledge and experience.

  • We work closely with our service providers to facilitate positive working relationships.
  • Our network team is readily available to address any questions or concerns.
  • We pay a competitive rate in a timely manner.

How does QTS dispatch?

When the insured/member calls QTS:

  • Their policy is verified.
  • All information relevant to the roadside claim is collected.
  • A service provider is located by zip code.
  • The service provider is contacted and we provide all information regarding the service by phone, fax or digital dispatch.

How are my invoices paid?

Contracted service providers bill invoices online at our website, www.townetwork.com. Invoices are paid according to the provider’s contracted rates and the insured’s limits.

At the time of dispatch, you will be informed of the insured’s/member’s limits, which are either a maximum dollar amount or specified number of loaded miles. Any amount or miles that exceed policy limits are the insured’s/member’s responsibility.

QTS is known for fast payment. If you choose regular mail, you will be paid within 5 business days; if you opt for direct deposit, you will be paid within 48 hours.

How much call volume can I expect?

Call volume depends on three things:

  • Your area’s population
  • The number of QTS clients in your area
  • Your region’s potential for inclement weather

Contracted service providers are in a position to receive increased call volume as we add additional clients.

In my experience, networks/motor clubs do not pay enough.

We want you to be profitable. We will pay a fair rate for your area; when fuel prices dictate, QTS will also offer a fuel surcharge.

Our goal is to provide quality service. In order to grow and add new clients, we must remain competitive with other network administrators; rest assured our administrative fees are covered by our clients.

Why sign up when customers call me directly?

The roadside assistance market is growing.  Many insurance companies are competing with “traditional” motor clubs by including roadside assistance with their policies.  Their customers are provided with a toll-free number to call when they need roadside assistance; the insurance industry uses third party administrators – like us - to handle those calls. 
When dispatching, QTS uses contracted service providers that offer competitive rates, a reliable ETA, and quality service.

Will my insurance cost increase?

Simply list Quest Towing Services as a certificate holder on your insurance policy; not as “additional insured”.   Listing us as a certificate holder means we are notified of any updates or changes to your policy. It shouldn’t have any effect on your premium.