Service Providers

“We had the opportunity to work with Quest long before we entered the towing industry.  Quest Software handled all of the “EFT” for State Farm Insurance for our collision shop.  We were one of the first shops to pilot that program and it was a smooth transition.  Since that time we have started a ground up towing operation. 

We looked to different motor club service agencies to see who could offer us consistent volume.  The easy choice was Quest, with the known history of working with quality people that have earned the respect of our mutual partners.

David Hansen
Hansen Towing, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

Quest Towing Services has been a breeze to work with.  They have delivered on all aspects.  They confirm all the customer information.  In turn, our employees do not need to make extra phone calls for the keys, nature of disablement or exact location and destination.  The billing process is also a time saver.  All in all it helps our bottom line.

Tim Duffey
Shamrock Towing, Inc
Westerville, OH

“As the office manager of a busy towing company, I have dealt with numerous motor clubs.  My experience with Quest has been spectacular.  We are always paid on time – every time.  When we run into a service circumstance that requires a rate change, the problem is taken care of in one ‘quick’ call to Quest.  I would love all of our accounts to be as easy to work with as Quest.”

Michelle DeSimone
Pro Towing Company
Hagerstown, MD

“Quest is my favorite because I negotiated for my rates and the online billing and payment is the easiest I’ve ever come across.” (From Tow 411 Message Board.)

Josh Peery
Turbo Transport Towing & Recovery
Hazelwood, WA

“Quest is one of the best. I billed them for service on New Years Day and the check was in my hands on following Monday. Very accurate dispatch, no long wait on hold if there is a problem and their field rep returns the phone call!” (From Tow 411 Message Board.)


“All of us at Phelps-Rudds Towing would like to thank you for the opportunity of providing service to your and our customers.  Quest Towing Services is easy to work with; the operators are very professional and easy to get information from.  Another awesome thing is the rates we are paid. We do not have to beg for a rate increase; even when fuel went up, Quest voluntarily gave us a fuel surcharge, plus being paid within a week after billing. 

And another thing is the reward we received from Quest at the end of the year for the quality service we provided. As all towing operators know, we have a very dangerous job and it is nice to be appreciated for the long hard days we put in.  Thank you Quest Towing Services!

Dave Phelps
Phelps and Rudds Towing
Jackson, MI


“This is the first time I have used the roadside assistance. Being alongside I-75 was stressful, to say the least! Your assistance and the outstanding people we dealt with made this much easier. We received truly great service, both at the phone end and the tow truck. Thank you!!!” (From survey comment.)

Auto Owners Insured.

“My spare tire was shot & the tow driver was concerned that I might not make it the few miles into town on it. Even though a local friend came to lead me to a tire shop, the tow driver followed along behind - just to make sure I made it there safely. Was impressed with his above & beyond service & would not hesitate to use Xtreme towing again!“ (From survey comment.)

Auto Owners

“I was very impressed with the service operator and the serviceman. They both made a stressful situation a lot easier by their concern and prompt response. I also appreciated the callback from the operator to make sure I was satisfied with the service. Please ask both the operator and serviceman to keep up the good work. As a person who works with the public routinely, I realize the importance of a concerned, professional attitude.” (From survey comment.) 

Safe Auto Insured

“It was very snowy and my car slipped down a driveway and into a culvert (resting on the frame). He got it out with no problems and was very quick!! He even made sure that I got home safely. The woman on the phone called to see if I had yet been helped and checked to see how everything was!! Overall absolutely wonderful experience (except for the whole car being in the culvert part!!)”  (From survey comment.)

West Bend Insured

“It was scary having a flat tire on the highway at dusk, with the kids in the back seat; but the service reps gave us a very accurate estimate for timing of service. The company that came out and performed the service was very professional and swift at getting us back on the road. They were a little late finding us because we were 10 miles further away than I thought - but they called to let us know that they were still looking for us and would re-route their driver. Overall I was very satisfied and happy to be going down the road again.”  (From survey comment.)

Michigan Farm Bureau Insured

“It is a wonderful service. It made my morning & whole day run much more smoothly knowing I was able to promptly get the help I needed. Also, being that I wasn't at home I was not familiar with the towing services in the area & I did not have to bother trying to figure out who to call.” (From survey comment.)

Michigan Farm Bureau Insured