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We are here for you!

Questx would like to emphasize, once again, how important all of you are as members of our team and as such, we want to make sure we are always improving our relationship and communication with you.

So, to begin what will be a regular stream of news and updates regarding Questx and current happenings in our industry, we would like to share a bit more about our Network Team, as well as some new things that we have going on for you.

Let’s start with our team ...

Now that you have met our team, we want to stress that it is our priority to be there for you when you need assistance, so to make sure that we connect with you as quicky as possible, please see the best means of communication below.

NEW Questx Message Center! Starting 10/10/2022 we will be moving away from standard email communication and launching a new help desk-based messaging system so we can ensure that every one of your requests is addressed and done so with your ability to receive real time updates and responses. We will be sending out a follow up email later this week, so you know exactly how to get connected.

LIVE SUPPORT! The new Questx message center is ideal for account updates, billing inquiries and any other requests not related to a live call that you need assistance with.

If you need assistance on a live call that was dispatched to you, please continue to call 1-888-295-2584 (8AM and 9PM EST, Monday - Friday).

As always, for additional information and to review a history of these messages please visit this website often for news and updates!

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